These maps are built by and updated by USGS/USFS. These links are built to simplify adding maps to mobile devices. You will have to click back and forth between web browser and Avenza PDFmaps but you can add a long list of maps and then allow your device to process after downloading. The map list for the forest is north to south. Here are some simple instructions:


A. Northern California FStopo index

B. Central Sierra /N. LPF FStopo index

C. Southern California FStopo index

1. Open Avenza PDFmaps and create a folder and label it ie: ANF

2. Open this folder

3. Click home button(iOS) or Home symbol(Android)

4. Open Brower and navigate to

5. Choose the Forest you are looking for,will be listed out or choose 3 bars above FSTOPO

6. Click on the map you are looking for

7. The map will open Avenza and begin downloading

8. Go back to and choose the next map

9. You can load 5-10 at a time and let them download and process.

10. After you have downloaded the maps, edit and create a map collection.